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26 November 2015
N.S. Quiz Questions & Rules

What you need to know about the School Quiz

There are two quizzes:
Quiz A - for children who have not reached their 11th birthday on or before December 31st 2005

Quiz B - for children who have not reached their 13th birthday on or before December 31st 2005

There are three competition stages:

Stage 1 - Credit Union Level
Fri 3rd/Sat 4th Sun 5th or Mon 6th February 2006
Approximately 300 credit unions register and participate in the schools quiz. Local schools are informed of the quiz date and approximately 6200 teams enter Stage 1.

Stage 2 - Chapter Level
Fri 3rd/Sat 4th or Sun 5th March 2006
All 25 credit union chapters register to participate in Stage 2 of the quiz. The winning teams from the stage 1, which number more than 700 between competition A and B, take part in Stage 2. The winning team and runner-up team of competition A and B at chapter level progress to Stage 3.

Stage 3 - National Final
Sunday 2nd April 2006
The 100 teams from chapter level, attend the National Final which is be held in the RDS, Dublin in Spring each year. 50 teams compete in each category

Local winners will receive generous rewards from their local Credit Union - as will Chapter Winners and Runners-Up. The National Winners and Runners-Up each receive a beautiful silver salver, and their schools are each awarded a substantial cheque. The winning team will each receive a portable DVD player while the runners up will each receive an iPod Nano! Every finalist also receives a special certificate marking their achievement.

How to Participate.
Teams must submit their entry on the official entry form by Friday 13th January, 2006 to their local credit union. Entry forms are available from your local credit union. Please see some basic rules for participation in the quiz.


Basic Quiz Rules.

Teams of 4 children must register their participation on the official entry form available from their credit union to their credit union by Friday 13th January 2006.
Teams can only enter the competition once.
Team members must be attending the school they are representing at the time of the quiz. A teams participation in Quiz A or B is determined by the age of the eldest member of the team. Teams may not change members between stages other then in exceptional circumstances and then only following a formal request to the organisers.
Substitutions can not be submitted on the day of quiz. A consent form (see entry form, from the credit union) allowing photographs to be taken of the quiz participants must be signed by the parents/guardians only. If parents or guardians have decided not to give their consent this must be clearly indicated on the form.


1. A large buzzing fly that lays its eggs in decaying plant and animal matter is called a what bottle? The answer is a color?
Answer: Blue
2. What is the specific name for a book in which you look up telephone numbers? The answer starts with the letter “D”
Answer: Directory
3. A person who is extremely clumsy or awkward is said to be all what’? The answer is a part of the body
Answer: Thumbs
4. Who is the current President of the Irish League of Credit Unions?
Answer: Anne O’Byrne
5. Name the only Irishman to win the Tour be France. He won it in 1987
Answer: Stephen Roche
6. According to the Bible, on which mountain did Moses receive the Ten Commandments?
Answer: Mount Sinai
1. What saint’s day falls on Boxing Day 26th of December?
Answer: Stephen
2. What do orthodontists use to straighten teeth and men use to hold up trousers?
Answer: Braces
3. What is the name given to the annual film Academy Awards ceremony held in Hollywood each year?
Answer: Oscars
4. On a lavatory door the letters WC sometimes are written. The C stands for closet. What does the W stand for?
Answer: - Water
5. Name the river in India which is sacred to the followers of the Hindu religion?
Answer: Ganges
6. Name the hormone which raises blood pressure causes a rapid increase in the heartbeat and makes a person ready for physical or mental stress?
Answer: Adrenalin (also called Epinephrine)
1. Originating in Japan, what do you call the form of entertainment where amateur singers sing songs accompanied by a pre recorded backing track from a machine which also displays the words on a video screen?
Answer: Karaoke
2. Which sport is associated with Liverpool, Glasgow Celtic and Rangers?
Answer: Football (Soccer)
3. Starting with the letter ‘V, what name is given to a wart that grows on the sole of your foot?
Answer: Verruca (also called a plantar wart)
4. If an American tells you she was born in L.A. What city was she born in?
Answer: Los Angles
5. Tasmania is a state in which country?
Answer: Australia
6. What Dean of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin wrote Gulliver’s Travels?
Answer: Jonathan Swift
1. What kind of business does Mo own and run in the Simpson’s?
Answer: Tavern or bar
2. According to the saying, wasting energy on a lost cause is like flogging a dead what?
Answer: Horse
3. What one word means (a) a basin that is fixed against the wall and has a piped water supply and drainage (b) to go below the surface of a liquid?
Answer: Sink
4. Do the stripes on the United States of America, run horizontally or vertically?
Answer: Horizontally
5. What was the nationality of the astronomer Galileo?
Answer: Italian
6. Mahouts are employed in south east and southern Asia to look after, train and drive which animal?
Answer: Elephant
1. The Credit Union movement is divided into Chapters. How many Chapters are there in Ireland?
Answer: 25
2. In the Cartoon series ‘The Simpson’s’ what is the name of the elder daughter?
Answer: Lisa
3. What one word means (a) a loose sleeveless outer garment shorter than a cloak (b) a point of land that juts out into the water?
Answer: Cape
4. A high jump with a pole is called a pole what? The answer is also an underground room with an arched ceiling
Answer: Vault
5. What is the name of the calcite deposits which are found hanging from the roof of caves?
Answer: Stalactites
6. How many times has Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France bicycle race?
Answer: Seven
1. How many grams are there in two Kilograms?
Answer: 2,000
2. What Cork born soccer player left Manchester United in 2005 and joined Glasgow Celtic?
Answer: Roy Keane
3. What is the name of the magical land featured in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?
Answer: Narnia
4. What musical instrument would you own if you owned a Stradivarius?
Answer: Violin
5. If you have a deep cut a doctor may give you an injection against this disease which also has the name Lockjaw. What is the name of this acutely infectious disease?
Answer: Tetanus
6. In Norse mythology, what was the name of the happy place to which Valkyrie’s escorted the souls of heroes slain in battle?
Answer: Valhalla
1. In the abbreviation BMX, the ‘M’ stands for Motor, the ‘X’ stands for Cross, what does the ‘B’ stand for?
Answer: Bicycle
2. In which month of the year is Halloween?
Answer: October (31st)
3. What traditional game has pieces ranging from double blank to double - Six?
Answer: Dominoes
4. What was the theme for the 2005/06 Credit Union Poster Competition?
Answer: Credit Unions can make it happen
5. What is the name of the first book of the Bible?
Answer: Genesis
6. On which site on Salisbury plain in England do people meet to celebrate the summer solstice, 21st of June each year?
Answer: Stonehenge
1. Who had a hit single with “That’s My Goal”
Answer: Shane Ward
2. How many noughts are there in one million written as a number?
Answer: Six
3. In the popular pantomime what does Aladdin rub to make a genie appear?
Answer: A lamp
4. Who is new Manager of the Republic of Ireland International Soccer Team?
Answer: Steve Staunton
5. What is the highest number in the Beaufort International Scale of wind speeds?
Answer: Twelve (12) Hurricane
6. Starting with the letter “I”, what are lines joining places of equal atmospheric pressure called?
Answer: Isobars
1. What happens to water when the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius or Centigrade?
Answer: It freezes or turns to ice
2. How many years is it from one Summer Olympics Games to the next?
Answer: Four
3. Are the Scandinavian countries in the north or south of Europe?
Answer: North
4. Where in your body would you find a hammer and an anvil?
Answer: Ear
5. What is the surname of Charlie who wins a Golden Ticket to the Chocolate factory in Roald Dahl’s book?
Answer: Bucket
6. His name derives from the Malay words for ‘old man of the forest’, what is the name of this large tailless ape with reddish brown coarse shaggy hair and long powerful arms that is found in the wild only in the forests of Borneo and Sumatra?
Answer: Orang-utan
1. Which Saint has a day in the year when people send cards anonymously expressing love for the person receiving the card?
Answer: Valentine
2. In the nursery rhyme, what did ‘Tom, Tom, the Piper’s son’ steal?
Answer: Pig
3. Which king of England, king from 1066 to 1087 was known as the Conqueror?
Answer: William
4. What name is given to the American re-usable spacecrafts designed to transport people and cargo between earth and space with two solid rocket boosters and an external fuel tank which are jettisoned after take off’
Answer: Shuttles or Space shuttles
5. Until 1917, a Tzar was the ruling monarch of which country.
Answer: Russia
6. If you are arachnophobic, you have an abnormally strong fear of which creatures?
Answer: Spiders
1. The direct route between two points is sometimes described as ‘as the flies’. The answer is the name of a bird?
Answer: Crow
2. Brazil, pistachio and cashew are all types of what?
Answer: Nuts
3. Which is the only country that shares a border with Portugal?
Answer: Spain
4. The Canadian national flag features the leaf of which tree?
Answer: Maple
5. Poet and author Ted Hughes wrote which novel for children published in 1968?
Answer: The Iron Man
6. Which Frenchman devised an alphabet of raised dots to help blind people read in 1829?
Answer: Louis Braille
1. A fox’s ‘brush’ is which part of its body?
Answer: Tail
2. What is the headdress coiled from a long length of material, worn by Sikhs and Hindus?
Answer: Turban
3. In mathematics if 2x-12=18, how much is ‘x’ equal to?
Answer: 15
4. What one word means (a) cash for investment, money that can be used to produce further wealth (b) a city that is the seat of government for a country?
Answer: Capital
5. The king of which country sent an Armada of ships to invade England in 1588?
Answer: Spain
6. Which American national holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November?
Answer: Thanksgiving

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