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27 November 2015
2010 National School Quiz

05/02/2010: the Chapter finals were held in the Ramada Hotel Ballina on Sunday 7th March at 2pm.

This years Quiz took place in Davitt College on Friday night 29th January 2010 @ 7:30pm.

Under 11 winners were
Under 13 Winners [went to tie break with the following winners]
1st Place: Scoil Raifteiri 1st Place: St Patricks National School
2nd Place: Breaffy National School 2nd Place: Breaffy National School
3rd Place: Snugboro National School 3rd Place: Snugboro National School

Our National School quiz took place last friday night, 29th January in Davitt College. Ken Wright took photographs on the night.

12 teams took part in the under 11 section and 21 teams in the under 13 section.

Competition A
Competition B
12 teams in the under 11 section 21 teams in the under 13 section.
Under 11 winners were
Under 13 category went to tie break with the following winners
1st Place: Scoil Raifteiri
2nd Place: Breaffy National School
3rd Place: Snugboro National School
1st Place: St Patricks National School
2nd Place: Breaffy National School
3rd Place: Snugboro National School
1st place winners now go forward to the Chapter finals which will be held in the Ramada Hotel Ballina on Sunday 7th March at 2pm.

Click here for Last year’s (2009) results & photos.

Brian O’Driscoll Irish International rugby player today launched the 19th Annual All-Ireland Schools Quiz Competition for the Irish League of Credit Unions. This enormously successful competition will be run through the winter in communities all over Ireland by volunteers from over 500 ILCU affiliated member credit unions. Over 25,000 young people took part in last year’s contest. 

Commenting on the launch today Mark Bailey President of the Irish League of Credit Unions said The credit union movement have always supported young people through our community initiatives. Our All- Ireland Schools Quiz - run by credit union volunteers - is a good example of what we mean by community commitment. This in an important initiative for the credit union movement as it helps us to educate young people about the value of learning in an open and encouraging environment.
The Credit Union Schools Quiz is divided into two sections:
Competition A for children up to 11 years. Entrants must not have reached their 11th birthday on or before 31st December 2009.
Competition B for children between 11 and 13 years. Entrants must not have reached their 13th birthday on or before 31st December 2009.

Please remember it is your responsibility to check and see that all members are eligible for whatever competition they are entered for! Proof of date of birth may be requested by the credit union.

The consent form (part of the entry form) allowing credit unions, chapters and the ILCU to use photographs of the participants, should be signed and returned with this entry form. If parents or guardians have decided not to give their consent this should be clearly indicated to the organisers of the quiz.


Local Quiz Winners go through to the Regional Finals and Regional Winners and Runners-Up (100 teams of 4 children) will compete for the National titles in April 2010.

Local winners will receive prizes from their local Credit Union. Regional Winners and Runners-Up will also receive prizes and their schools will receive cheques.

The National Winners and Runners-Up receive a silver salver, significant personal prizes - and their schools are each awarded a substantial cheque. Every finalist also receives a special certificate marking their achievement. Teams must submit their entry on the official entry form by Monday 18 January 2010 to their local credit union. Entry Forms are available at participating credit unions.

Competition Rules

1. Teams must comprise of 4 children

2. Teams can only enter the Quiz once

3. Schools may enter as many teams as they wish, subject to any limitations a local credit union wishes to impose. Castlebar Credit only allows one [1] team in each category from each school.

4 Team members must be attending the school they are representing at the time of the Quiz

5. A team’s participation in Competition A or B is determined by the age of the eldest member of the team (e.g. if two children are 10 and two are 12, the team must enter Competition B)

6. Teams must submit their entry on the official entry farm by Monday 18th January 2010 to their local credit union

7. Teams may not change members between Stages, other than in exceptional circumstances and then only following a formal request to the organisers

8. Substitutions cannot be submitted on day of the quiz

9. In the event of queries at the quiz, the decision of the Adjudicator will be final and no correspondence will be entered into

10. Prompting can be considered as cheating and lead to a team’s disqualification

11. Children are prohibited from taking mobile phones into the quiz venue. Mobile phones found will be confiscated and the competitor will be disqualified

12. Whilst the credit union will endeavor to provide a safe and comfortable environment for children during the event, the credit union will not act in loco parentis and the primary responsibility for the children remains with their parents/guardians at all times.

13. The consent form (part of the entry form) allowing credit unions, chapters and the ILCU to use photographs of the participants, should be signed and returned with the entry form. If parents or guardians have decided not to give their consent, this should be clearly indicated to the organisers of the quiz.

14. The Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) will not be responsible for resolving any disputes/queries occurring at stages 1 and 2

Quiz Questions.



On the top row of a Qwerty keyboard what letter comes between ‘i’ and ‘p’ ?

Answer: ‘O’


On what date in February is St. Valentine’s Day’?

Answer: 14th


Complete the song title of the theme song for Hannah Montana ‘ The Best of Both ……….……… ?

Answer: Worlds


The 4th of July, is a national public holiday in which Country?

Answer: USA


What is the surname of ‘Joe’ winner of the music talent show The X Factor in 2009?

Answer: McElderry


Sumo wrestling originated and is a professional sport in which country?

Answer: Japan



What name is given to a male duck? Answer: Drake
2. What is the surname of John and Edward (Jedward) contestants in the X Factor 2009? Answer: Grimes
3. What colour are emeralds? Answer: Green
4. What black and white animal, native to Africa, belongs to the horse family? Answer: Zebra
5. Which European country is known as Deutschland by its own citizens? Answer: Germany
6. The name of the orphan whose life story is told in the Dickens novel Great Expectations is also the name given to the seed of an apple or orange. What is his name? Answer: Pip

1. How many aces are there in a pack of playing cards? Answer: Four
2. How many counties in Ireland begin with the letter ‘O’? Answer: One (Offaly)
3. On a dart board what number is between one and five at the top of the board? Answer: 20
4. How many items in a dozen? Answer: twelve
5. What value is the letter ‘K’ in scrabble? Answer: Five
6. A prime number has no factors except itself and one. What prime number comes between 32 and 40? Answer: 37




On a compass, which point lies directly opposite South?

Answer: North

2. If blue is associated with baby boys what colour is associated with baby girls? Answer: Pink
3. Which of the seven Disney Dwarfs wore glasses? Answer: Doc
4. Which planet is third from the sun? Answer: Earth
5. Which ocean is off the Californian coast? Answer: Pacific
6. The pigment carmine is manufactured from the cochineal insect. What colour is carmine? Answer: Red



1. 2008 was the last leap year. What will be the next leap year? Answer: 2012
2. Who is the present President of the Irish League of Credit Unions? Answer: Mark Bailey
3. How many cents are there in an American dollar? Answer: 100
4. Flamenco, rumba and waltz are all types of what physical activity? Answer: Dance
5. Medical petroleum jelly is usually known by its trade mark name. What is the name? Answer: Vaseline
6. Situated in the constellation Canis Major what is the alternative common name for Sirius? Answer: Dog Star

1. What name is given to a leather seat which is put on a horse’s back before it is ridden? Answer: Saddle
2. Corgi, Alsatian and Boxer are breeds of which animal? Answer: Dog
3. What type of sweet is also a place where coins are made? Answer: Mint
4. What mythological creatures supposedly cast no reflection and are destroyed by sunlight? Beginning with ‘V’ Answer: Vampires
5. Which island, the answer is the name of an animal, lies in the centre of Niagara Falls? Answer: Goat Island (Luna Island is also in the Falls)
6. James Hargreaves invented c 1764 a multi-spool spinning wheel called the Spinning ------- what? Answer: Jenny



1. What day comes before St. Stephen’s day or Boxing Day? Answer: Christmas Day
2. According to the nursery rhyme Old King…. What ‘ was a merry old soul’? Answer: Cole
3. Which elephant has the larger ears, African or Indian? Answer: African
4. What one word can mean a small crusty loaf of bread and a male swan? Answer: Cob
5. In the computing term LAN, ‘L’ stands for local, ‘A’ stands for area. What does ‘N’ stand for? Answer: Network
6. Tootles, Nibs, Slightly and the twins appear as characters in Peter Pan. Collectively they are known as the ‘Lost …. what? Answer: Boys



1. Cheryl Cole was a member of what all girls pop group? Answer: Girls Aloud
2. What is the initial in between Homer and Simpson in the cartoon character’s name? Answer: Jay (J)
3. The NATO phonetic alphabet code for the letter ‘F’ is Foxtrot, What is the code for the letter ‘G’? Answer: Golf
4. In which continent are China and Japan situated? Answer: Asia
5. The Credit Union movement is divided into Chapters. How many Chapters are there in Ireland? Answer: 25
6. What type of aircraft are a Boeing CH-46 Sea Knight and a AH-64 Apache? Answer: Helicopters




Which county won the All Ireland Men’s Gaelic Football Final in 2009? Answer: Kerry
2. Who won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize? Answer: Barack Obama
3. How is a quarter(1/4) expressed as a percentage? Answer: 25%
4. In which country would you find the monument ‘The Sphinx’? Answer: Egypt
5. Which flying horse features in the Disney animation Hercules? Answer: Pegasus
6. In the children’s novel by Henry Williamsson, what type of creature was Tarka? Answer: Otter




What is the name of the currency in France and Spain?

Answer: Euro

2. The high speed train TGV (pronounced Tay Jay Vay) was developed in which country? Answer: France
3. Which 1982 Spielberg film was about a little boy and his alien friend? Answer: ET
4. Oldbridge was the location for the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. In what county is Oldbridge? Answer: Meath
5. What island at the north west tip of Wales is connected to the mainland by the Menai and Britannia bridges? Answer: Anglesey
6. What one word means to sob in a loud and unattractive manner and the insulating fat of whales? Answer: Blubber



Called ‘The Big Easy’ what US city is also known as the home of Jazz?

Answer: New Orleans

2. Which feast was it according to the Christmas Carol when ‘Good King Wenceslas looked out’? Answer: Stephen
3. Which colour snooker ball is worth 6 points? Answer: Pink
4. What 50.5 Kilometer undersea tunnel was opened in 1994? Answer: Channel Tunnel, Chunnel (Le Tunnel sous la Manche)
5. What south-east Asian country was known as Siam until 1939? Answer: Thailand
6. Which composer whose middle name was Amadeus died in December 1791? Answer: Mozart



He was played by actor Gordon Kennedy in the 2006 version of Robin Hood. Who was the tallest of Robin Hood’s men?

Answer: Little John

2. What type of mythical creature was slain by St. George? Answer: Dragon
3. What is the Roman numeral for 500? Answer: D
4. What name is given to a score of three under par for a hole in golf? Answer: Albatross
5. The Helleborus Niger plant is commonly known as the Christmas …. what? Answer: Rose
6. Named after the Norwegian Axel Paulsen, in which sport would you witness a triple axel? Answer: Figure Skating (Ice Skating includes Speed Skating)

TIE BREAK 1[Use Three Only]

1. In which country is Waitangi Day celebrated as a national holiday on February 6th? Answer: New Zealand
2. Which Shakespearean play is another name for the night of the Epiphany (January 6th)’’? Answer: Twelfth Night
3. On what Parisian racecourse is the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe run? Answer: Longchamps
4. From which European country did the US buy the territory of Louisiana in 1803? Answer: France


Which ancient Greek physician is regarded as the founder of medicine?

Answer: Hippocrates

6. Into which sea does the river Danube flow? Answer: Black Sea

TIE BREAK 2 [Use Three Only]
1. Launched just months after JF Kennedy was made President of the USA, in which year did the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba occur? Answer: 1961
2. From which Disney cartoon film does the song When You Wish upon a Star come? Answer Pinocchio
3. In which country would you find the Alhambra? Answer: Spain
4. Which English King compiled the Doomsday Book, completed in 1086? Answer: William I (the Conqueror)
5. The word “proverbial”, does it mean (a) well known and recognized (b) rural (c) a way of speaking without an accent ? Answer: (a) well known and recognised
6. On which coast of Australia is the city of Perth, North, South, East or West? Answer: West

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